Calling all Activists and Environmentalists


Climte is in crisis


Dear Environmentalists,

The Local is forming an Environment Committee to help save our environment by proposing changes to BILL C-12, Canada’s Climate Action Plan.

During his campaign Justin Trudeau promised to enact a "Bold Climate Action Plan".

As it stands bill C-12 is lacking in order to meet the Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

We need a bill that reflects scientific evidence, puts workers and our communities first and has an enforceable mechanism for targets that are not met. We need to set the first emission targets for 2025, not wait until 2030.

Unifor Local 2002's Environment Committee is asking our members to get behind The Council of Canadians' PETITION to strengthen the Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act. CLICK HERE TO SIGN. The petition will take less than a minute to complete, but will impact all of our lives and the future of our planet.


To join in on this conversation, please send an email to:

Ada Zampini


Together we can make a difference. Please join us to share or to just listen in to the discussion on the environment.