(Toronto) Our members at A.S.P Security perform security-related functions at airport entrances throughout Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Members provide terminal access control, door patrol, airside access, pass control, and security specialists. Members also perform work as Canine security specialists responding to security calls for explosive detection and other related security concerns. Unifor represents Operational Support Representatives (OSRs) providing passenger, queue management and access control into various areas within the terminals.


ASP bargaining committee begins arbitration process

On March 4, 2013 your CAW bargaining committee and ASP management met in front of Arbitrator Brian Kellar...

3:35 PM | March 8, 2013

ASP: Important Membership Meeting Information

The CAW is holding a series of important membership meetings on Thursday, February 7, 2013...

2:00 PM | January 31, 2013

ASP demands concessions

Concessions were the only item that the company brought to the table in this round of bargaining...

11:33 AM | November 19, 2012

ASP bargaining opens

On November 5 - 6, 2012 the ASP bargaining committee met with the company to open negotiations...

11:54 AM | November 8, 2012

ASP working conditions remains status quo

CEO Dean Lovric contacted the CAW to notify us in writing, that they were stopping the announced changes to seniority and the proposed changes to shift bids...

10:00 AM | September 24, 2012

ASP causing chaos for membership

In a deliberate attempt to undermine and confuse the membership of ASP, manager Keith Fralic sent out a memo on dated September 6, 2012 entitled "Policy Bulletin.”  The "policy” changes everyone’s seniority, establishes new schedules and was done without any consultation or agreement with the CAW.

4:35 PM | September 7, 2012

ASP: Election for Vice Chairpersons - District 356

This notice is to advise all members of CAW Local 2002 that in accordance with the Bylaws of CAW Local 2002, an election will take place for the above captioned positions...

9:00 AM | August 30, 2012
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