Air Canada CSSA/CES: Unifor’s negotiated Settlement on 10 Paid Sick days for Federally regulated emp

Air Canada CSSA/CES: Unifor’s negotiated Settlement on 10 Paid Sick days for Federally regulated emp

March 14, 2023 at 12:00 PM


Unifor's negotiated Settlement on 10 Paid Sick days for Federally regulated employees


This is to follow up on the earlier bulletin regarding Air Canada’s implementation of the new federal legislation on paid sick leave, which was shared on February 23, 2023.

Your Unifor Bargaining Committee had filed a grievance and continued discussions with the company. We are now pleased to share the following information on what you can expect from the new paid sick leave provisions being introduced:

  • Effective immediately, ten (10) Paid Medical Leave days and 48 hours (full-time) or 24 hours (part-time) Family Responsibility Leave hours will be made available to you.

  • The new Family Responsibility Leave hours will replace both the Family Care Days (as described in Article 11.09.01 of our collective agreement) and the “Federal Family Responsibility days”, so that instead of 3 paid days (FR), you will have a single allotment of Family Responsibility Hours which can be used for any of the reasons listed under the federal Family Responsibility code (see link).

  • If you are using Family Responsibility Leave hours on a day where you have picked up an additional shift, the hours of the additional shift will also be deducted from your Family Responsibility Leave hours.

  • Medical Leave days will be deducted in 1-day increments, whether you call in sick before the start of your shift or part-way through your shift as per the code. However, Family Responsibility Leave can be used by the number of hours required.

  • If you are scheduled to work a double (including partials) but you are sick that day, you will be paid for both shifts however it will count as two (2) Paid Medical Leave days.


  • Any sick day taken between January 1, 2023 and now will be deducted from the 10 Medical Leave Days. If you reported the absence due to Family Care (under Article 11.09.01) will come out of the 48-hour Family Responsibility hours. If you find any errors in the company’s conversion, please notify your District Chairperson.

  • Employees may bank any unused Medical Leave days, to a maximum of 14 days, for use exclusively during the waiting period for GIDIP benefits (The GIDIP Bank).

  • During the GIDIP waiting period, employees shall deplete available days in the following order:

    • A) Any days of Medical Leave available

    • B) Any days in the GIDIP Bank; and then

    • C) Any hours in the employee’s existing sick bank (Legacy Bank)

  • Withdrawal from these banks will be made according to the employee’s preceding work schedule.

  • Existing GIDIP Bank balance up to now will be moved over to the Legacy Bank, remain in hours, and be depleted in hours.


If you have any questions, please contact your District Union Office.


In Solidarity,

Unifor/Air Canada Bargaining Committee,
Benoit Lapointe – Chairperson, Eastern Region
Tracy Rector – Atlantic Region
Harold Bateman – Central Region
Joanne Goulet – Western Region
Soppo Gomez Gnali – Pacific Region
Tammy Moore – President, Unifor Local 2002
Frances Galambosy – Unifor National Service Representative, Airline Sector
Leslie Dias – Unifor Director, Airlines Sector



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