GTAA Members: Bargaining Update – Lana Payne National President of Unifor meets with the GTAA BC

GTAA Members: Bargaining Update – Lana Payne National President of Unifor meets with the GTAA BC

May 26, 2023 at 4:00 PM




The GTAA Bargaining Committee met with the Company on May 1st to officially open negotiations and exchange proposals. The Bargaining Committee and the Company have been working through the non-monetary proposals for nearly two weeks (from May 15 to 26). While progress has been slow, it is not uncommon in negotiations as both parties carefully consider and analyze each other’s proposals.

On May 24, Lana Payne, National President of Unifor and Bruce Snow, Assistant to the National Unifor Officers joined the GTAA Bargaining Committee along with Tammy Moore, President of Unifor Local 2002 to demonstrate their support and solidarity. She joined the Committee to discuss the issues specifically affecting the airport workers at Toronto’s largest airport in Canada.  Lana provided valuable insights and guidance on the issues at hand. Her presence also provided an opportunity for the Bargaining Committee to leverage her expertise, experience and influence to further strengthen our position during negotiations.

Having Lana involved in these discussions demonstrates that Unifor is actively engaged and committed to securing a fair and equitable agreement that meets the needs of the GTAA membership.


Once the non-monetary proposals have been fully discussed and resolved, the Bargaining Committee will move on to address the monetary items, which include matters related to wages, benefits, pensions, and job security. Both parties will continue to be at the bargaining table from May 29 to June 9, 2023.

It is customary for negotiations at the bargaining table to be treated as confidential. This means that the specific details, proposals and discussions that occur during the bargaining process are not disclosed to the membership. This ensures negotiations can proceed in a manner that fosters an atmosphere of trust between both parties.

The Bargaining Committee will keep members updated on any developments via enews - GTAA Connect, Unifor Local 2002 website at and the GTAA District 333 website at


In Solidarity,

Your GTAA Bargaining Committee
Rick Pucilowski, District Chairperson
Mario Di Nardo, Bargaining Representative – Airside
Antonios Kourteridis, Bargaining Representative – Facilities
Pauline Leloudas, Bargaining Representative – Professional and Support
Adriana Ragoonath, Bargaining Representative – Operations
Rob Santo, Bargaining Representative – Skilled Trades
Theresa Amicarelli, Assistant to the Local President
Tammy Moore, Unifor Local 2002 President
Paul Shiels, Unifor - National Representative