Update for all Unifor 2002 members at Porter Airlines

Update for all Unifor 2002 members at Porter Airlines

July 21, 2021 at 4:00 PM




Porter Airlines has advised that operations will resume on September 8, 2021. Unifor has had numerous discussions with the employer with regards to the recall process of Unifor 2002 members and how this process will roll out.

Porter is following - and has committed to follow - the CBA with regards to recall and are applying it the way in which it was intended when originally bargained utilizing seniority and status.

Originally, we were advised that only part time work would be available in the CSR and Ramp Classifications. However, late last week, the employer advised that the company would be bringing back some full-time members, as well as some leads and casual employees. Due to the uncertainty of how many members will [currently] return, Porter has posted some positions on their careers page, but this would only be in the event that recall has been exhausted – and the union believes that Porter has advised members the same through email communications.

Last Friday – July 16 – Porter began actioning the recall notifications and letters to members. Unifor agreed with the employer that all notifications pertaining to the notice of recall would be sent to both the members’ company email, as well as any personal email that they had on file.

Follow-up discussions with Porter were held on July 20th where we reviewed the length of time that members would have to respond to their recall notice. It was agreed without prejudice that for this round of recall (for the September 8th start up) that the following deadline would apply:

  • For those issued recall notices July 16th, members will have until noon EST on July 23, 2021 to respond

For those members who received a recall notice on July 16th – and who were unsure as to what status they were being recalled to – Porter has committed to clarifying this with those members by method of an email communication(s).

If a status was NOT included in the letter, then the recall is a return to the original status that the member was laid off from.

If, however, a status IS included in the letter, then the recall is a return to a different status than the one that the member was originally laid off from.

Should you accept recall to a different status, you still maintain your recall rights to your original status. Example, if you were laid off from full-time and are now returning to part-time, you retain your recall to your full-time position.

There is currently no agreement in place to change the length of time that a member is entitled to recall, it is strictly what is covered by the collective agreement.

Unifor will continue to engage in discussions with Porter over the coming weeks and will communicate any details to you via regular channels. In the interim, please reach out to your local union leadership with any questions you may have.


For more information, please contact:
Denise Cochrane, Assistant to the Local 2002 President



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