Worldwide Flight Services Districts 410 and 310: Strike Vote Meetings for February 22, 2019

Worldwide Flight Services Districts 410 and 310: Strike Vote Meetings for February 22, 2019

February 14, 2019 at 10:15 AM
Your Bargaining Committee has scheduled strike vote membership meetings for February 22, 2019, in Toronto and Montreal. 

As you will recall, the tentative agreement was rejected by the membership on November 13, and 14, 2018.  On December 13, 2018, we filed for the services of a conciliation officer.  A Conciliator has been appointed to help mediate a settlement with the Company, and we are scheduled to meet with the Conciliator on February 26, 2019, in Montreal.

In the interim, there are still many outstanding issues on the table including wages. The purpose of these membership meetings is to explain the conciliation process and to ask the membership for a strike mandate should the conciliation process fail. Having a strong strike mandate will give us the strength we need to achieve a fair and reasonable agreement during the conciliation process.

What is Conciliation? How does it Work?
  • Unifor files a Notice of Dispute to the Federal Minister of Labour
  • Minister will appoint a Federal Conciliation Officer within 15 days 
  • The Conciliator will meet with Union and Employer over a 60-day period to facilitate negotiations
  • The parties may agree to extend the conciliation period if negotiations are progressing
  • At the end of this period, the parties enter a 21 day "cooling off period”
  • Conciliator files report to the Federal Minister of Labour
  • While in conciliation, the Company may not lock out employees and the Union may not go on strike
  • Strike action is only ever taken as a last resort and after conditions (such as a strike vote and 72 hours advance notice) are met. Should we get to this point, all measures and implications of a strike vote will be communicated in detail to the membership
Please support your Bargaining Committee by attending a strike vote membership meeting (listed below) and cast your strike ballot.
Meetings on February 22, 2019:

: February 22, 2019
                                                                  TImes:  10h00 to 11h00
          12h30 to 13h30
Where:   Sheraton Four Points
               Avenue Room
                6090 Dixie Rd
                Mississauga Ontario

When: February 22, 2019
11h00 to 13h00
             14h30 to 15h30
Where:      Novotel Montréal Aéroport
       Beaconsfield room, 2599 Boulevard Alfred-Nobel
Ville St-Laurent, Québec H4S 2G1
Please ensure that you keep us updated with your contact information. Please subscribe to Unifor 2002’s e-news at
In solidarity,
Your Bargaining Committee
David Moran, Bargaining Committee member
Livius Fernandes, Bargaining Committee member District 310
Josée Genois, Assistant to the President Unifor Local 2002
Marcel Rondeau, National Representative, Unifor
Gary Ellis, National Representative, Unifor
For further details, please contact Josée Genois,
Assistant to the President Local 2002