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Greetings Unifor 2002 Members,

The trade union movement was built by the struggles of working people — including Black, Indigenous and Workers of Colour (BIWOC). Unifor advocates for these workers, and encourages their full participation in union life through local union committees, regional council committees and the Unifor Racial Justice Advocate training course.



  • Celebrate our diversities to create safe and fair workplaces.

  • Build authentic and long-lasting solidarity amongst members.

  • Inspire, empower, and connect members to change their world.

  • Promote topics that are specific to BIWOC sisters and brothers.

  • Raise awareness of issues surrounding anti-racism.

  • Promote racial justice and equity for BIWOC sisters and brothers.


To join the Unifor 2002 BIWOC committee, please contact us at :

[email protected]





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