Environment Committee

Calling all Activists and Environmentalists


We are looking for Unifor Local 2002 members to volunteer their voices and take action to fight for a GREEN WORLD.

Earlier this year, Canada’s Senate passed Bill C-12 – the Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Accountability Act. This is historical legislation that puts our country on a path forward for real climate change to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. But as positive as this first step is, it’s still not enough.

Up until now, Canada has missed every climate target it has set. Currently, Canada has the third-highest greenhouse gas emissions per capita in the world. By putting this legislation in place, Canada and its leaders acknowledge that human activities are driving unprecedented changes in the Earth’s climate. But we can do more, and we know this government and Canadian businesses can act to help save our planet.



The Local 2002 Environmental Committee will strive to:

  • take the government to task to deliver on its current greenhouse gas emissions targets
  • rally with federal and provincial leaders, organizers, and environmental groups to push for additional greenhouse reductions, to accelerate the Net-Zero target date
  • support organizations, businesses, and foundations that conserve and protect the environment
  • volunteer with environmental organizations that are part of the global change for a better future.

Many Unifor members supported the push to make Bill C-12 a reality; sending emails, texts, and making phone calls to Members of Parliament and their Members of Provincial Parliament. Our collective voices were heard and together we were part of making this legislation a reality. But the fight for climate change must continue with all of our collective voices and action.


If you would like to be part of this GREEN TEAM, please contact Ada Zampini, Liaison to the Environment Committee.


[email protected]
Tel: (514) 701-6227