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Collective Agreement provisions


19.04 Pension Plan
All employees (except employees who are presently not members and who do not wish to become members) will be enrolled in the Pension Plan on the first day of the month following successful completion of the probation period. Each participating employee is required to make contributions by payroll deduction equal to 5% of their gross pay. The Company will contribute an equal amount on behalf of the employee each month. Additional voluntary contributions by the employee will be as provided for in the Plan.

In accordance with the arbitration award of December 7, 2001, the pension plan has been referred to the parties for further discussion for a period of ninety (90) days, or a date mutually agreed, so as to provide an opportunity to develop a mutual understanding of the content of the integrated plans, and to implement the standardized plan across the bargaining unit. In the event the parties are unable to resolve any of the administrative matters within ninety (90) days of December 7, 2001, such matters may be referred back to the arbitrator for a final and binding decision.


During periods of absence due to maternity leave, child care leave or short term disability, the employee will have the opportunity to elect to make regular required contributions during the period of absence, either on a monthly basis or by lump sum based on their rate of pay immediately prior to the leave. Where the employee elects not to make their regular required contributions, the employee will have a twelve (12) month period following their return to work in which they may elect to implement the buy-back of service lost by contributing a predetermined amount, not to exceed 18% of their total income. In both cases, the Company will contribute an equal amount on behalf of the employee, up to the maximum of the five (5%) per cent.


The Union will appoint up to two (2) representatives to the Joint Pension Committee. Time off will be handled pursuant to Article 18.03.


The Jazz Line Technical Services Pension Council is comprised of the following members: