Air Canada Members: Pay and Vacation Issues Front and Centre

Air Canada Members: Pay and Vacation Issues Front and Centre

September 13, 2021 at 5:00 PM
Many of our recently recalled members have experienced discrepancies in their pay. The union at the district and bargaining levels has engaged the company in its handling of such issues. We do not accept the explanation that delays in processing corrections were merely due to a large volume of recalls. The company must react with urgency when dealing with monetary issues that affect our members’ livelihood.

The bargaining committee identified a major area of confusion and asked the company at the recent Union-Management Headquarters Meeting to provide easily accessible information on ‘Adjusted Service Date’. This information is essential in calculating pay progression, and for our members to ensure the calculation is accurate. The union will monitor this development and report to the membership when updates are available.

Although the company indicated that many pay issues have been addressed, and committed to full reviews of rates/steps of our members who returned from layoff up until August 19, we encourage our members to continue reporting errors to ECT with a copy to the union. Due to the private and confidential nature of these issues, they are to be handled on a case-by-case basis. We will make it a priority to have each case settled soon.

Our members recalled from layoff have received a questionnaire on vacation within 2021. After repeated demands from the union to the different levels to plan the vacation bidding as soon as possible, the company finally realized that this needed to be a priority.   

Many of you have asked if the company can prorate the vacation entitlement? As per the Collective Agreement Article 14.02.04 yes, they can. We encourage our members to exercise your options based on your preference.

Please note the regular vacation bid for 2022 will be conducted in November as usual. Further information will be communicated as it becomes available. In the interim, please ensure that you have subscribed to e-news at

In solidarity,
Air Canada Bargaining Committee
Steve Murphy – Pacific Region
Joanne Goulet – Western Region
David Peng – Central Region
Benoit Lapointe – Eastern Region
Cheryl Robinson – Atlantic Region
Frances Galambosy – Unifor National Service Representative, Airline Sector
Leslie Dias – Unifor Director, Airlines Sector
Tammy Moore – President Unifor Local 2002