AC: Customer Sales and Service

AC: Customer Sales and Service



Air Canada Customer Sales & Service agents (Concierge/Leads at Airports)
Our members perform in person, passenger sales, and service functions at Airports. Members disseminate information, process reservations, checking in of customers, provide operational leadership, issue tickets, and other related duties as required.

Air Canada Contact Centre
Our members make reservations for customers, process reservation messages, assemble reservations data, monitor social media channels, and other related duties.

Air Canada Customer Journey Management (CJM)
Our members perform flight editing, connection handling, and book hotels. They also ensure proactive and effective customer recovery during irregular operations. They support SOC (System Operations Centre), Airports, and Call Centres by coordinating and implementing customer recovery plans (rebooking, and compensation).

Air Canada Customer Relations
Our members respond to inquiries directed to the Customer Relations department at Air Canada. They sort and distribute customer correspondence. They authorize or amend reservations, determine appropriate payment of compensation, and perform other related duties.

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Air Canada cuts employees to the core with shift trading limitations

It has come to our attention that Air Canada intends to severely limit our past practice of shift trading..

1:42 PM | February 4, 2015

Air Canada Proposal Meetings

Plan to participate and be a part of the process...

3:04 PM | September 30, 2014

Notes from Negotes: Issue 2

Bargaining news for Air Canada CSSA members...resources/1/grfx-all/pdf_tiny.gif

3:23 PM | September 26, 2014

Notes from Negotes: Issue 1

Bargaining news for Air Canada CSSA members....resources/1/grfx-all/pdf_tiny.gif

12:00 AM | June 15, 2014

Air Canada imposes unequal travel policies for Air Canada and Jazz co-workers

Attention Air Canada and Jazz Co-workers:

By now most of you have heard about the unilateral changes the company is making to the travel policy for both airlines, effective March 1, 2012...

3:40 PM | January 23, 2012

Air Canada: Overview of Pension Arbitration Award

On September 17, 2011, Arbitrator Kevin Burkett released his decision in the dispute between CAW-Canada Local 2002 and Air Canada on the pension arrangements for new hires...

9:00 AM | December 19, 2011

Air Canada: Legal Facts

Legal Facts is a bulletin used to communicate to CAW members at Air Canada an understanding of the types of grievances filed, as well as to describe Arbitrator Martin Teplitsky's orders to resolve them.

2:19 PM | December 12, 2011
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